Ingredient Information
By typing in an ingredient name into the ingredient database, you will find specific information on what an ingredient is and how it is used, as well as safety information on that ingredient with references to relevant and often independent, scientific and regulatory studies.With thousands of ingredients already listed on this site, consumers can find safety information for approximately 90% of all ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care products on the market today. Because of the large number of products on the market, new annual product launches, and rapid product innovation, there will be some ingredients, especially those used less often, that are not currently included in this site. However, our aim is to continue to add additional ingredients to the site until the vast majority of ingredients commonly used in cosmetic and personal care products are referenced.
Consumer Safety
As the makers of cosmetics and personal care products and ingredients, we take our commitment to providing consumers with the information they need to make informed choices about the products they purchase for themselves and their families very seriously. This site is designed to provide easy, consumer-friendly access to this information.We hope you will find this Web site useful as a valuable source of information to supplement the specific ingredient listings on the labels of every cosmetic and personal care product. We also hope you will use this site whenever you have a question or need additional information about an ingredient or personal care product.
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